Science Curriculum

Try it today...FOSS, the leading inquiry-based science program in America! Designed to meet today's initiatives and prepare students for tomorrow's challenges.

For more information, including state and federal correlations, FOSS curriculum goals, and what comes in each kit, visit the FOSS Home.


We've done the work for you! Delta Science Modules offer 57 science topics. These comprehensive kits offer you the flexibility and affordability to choose the ones that support your curriculum and state and local framework.

Visit the DSM Home to get detailed information regarding the kit components, correlations, and to view samples.

CPO Science Kit

CPO Science - Grades 6 - 12

Hands-On Physical Science Program

Engage your students with high quality, hands-on equipment for teaching and learning science and math. Innovative designs, accurate instrumentation and durable hardwood construction make CPO equipment classroom friendly and easy to use. For more information visit