Foundations of Physical Science with Earth and Space Science Selected by Top School Districts

New inquiry-based learning system meets needs of increasingly competitive educational environments

September 22, 2004- Peabody, MA - CPO Science, a publisher of inquiry-based teaching and learning systems for science in grades 6-12, announced today that its new innovative learning system Foundations of Physical Science with, Earth & Space , (FPSESS) has recently been selected by New Jersey and Wisconsin schools to provide relevant and engaging science content for grades 9 and 10.

The FPSESS system has also been recently recommended for use in the North Carolina and Indiana science classrooms during the 2005-2006 school year and is also being piloted in the Washington DC, New Orleans, and Tulsa Public Schools. Schools in Illinois, New York, and Ohio are also using the system.

Foundations of Physical Science with Earth and Space Science offers students and teachers opportunities to actively engage in scientific discovery. The textbook content, authored by M.I.T graduate and CPO Science Founder, Dr. Thomas Hsu, combined with the lab manual and hands-on equipment, provides an in-depth and real-world view of science in today's world - which makes the content relevant for teachers and students.

"This program offers schools a rich source of science content important to today's learning environment," noted Ellen Isbell, Vice President of Sales for CPO Science. "The educators who select our programs are committed to quality science education and wish to pursue engaging methods of bringing science to life for their students. Now, a greater number of students and teachers across the U.S. will benefit from this dynamic approach to learning science content."

CPO Science offers professional development opportunities for Foundations of Physical Science with Earth & Space Science to provide an in-depth understanding of the program for educators.

Students will benefit from the format of the program, which stresses learning first through investigations and then reading from the textbook as a means of strengthening content understanding.

"CPO Science programs enhance science learning for all students. The strength of the inquiry-based science approach goes beyond learning science content," stressed Isbell. It's a great way to keep students engaged - thus improving classroom management. It also provides an opportunity to strengthen reading, writing and math skills in a very real way. New Jersey and Wisconsin are leading the way for other schools to see the many benefits of inquiry-based science."

CPO Science (formerly known as Cambridge Physics Outlet;, based in Peabody, MA, is a division of Delta Education, LLC, and has been bringing science to life for students for ten years by providing high-quality, inquiry-based teaching and learning systems for science in grades 6-12.

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Tom Hsu, a graduate of M.I.T., CPO Science offers a wide range of materials and services including innovative basal textbook programs (that integrate the student text, teacher support material, and hands-on equipment), supplemental curriculum, high-quality lab equipment, and nationally recognized professional development programs.

Delta Education, LLC, a New Hampshire-based company, has been serving educators for more than 30 years by providing the best in K-12 inquiry-based science and math materials and language arts products. Delta Education produces research-based products, including the most widely used elementary school hands-on science program, FOSS ® (Full Option Science System ® ), developed under a National Science Foundation grant at the University of California, Berkeley.

Other divisions of Delta Education, LLC include Educators Publishing Service (EPS, ), based in Cambridge, Mass., which has been developing literacy materials for differentiated instruction for over 50 years. Their leading products include Explode the Code , Worldly Wise 3000 , and S.P.I.R.E.

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