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DSM K-8 Program Scope and Sequence
Grade Life Science Earth Science Physical Science
K-1 From Seed to Plant Finding the Moon How do we learn?
Observing an Aquarium Sunshine and Shadows Investigating Water
  Weather and Sky Properties
2-3 Butterflies and Moths Amazing Air Force and Motion
Classroom Plants Soil Science Length and Capacity
Plant and Animal Populations Weather Watching Sink or Float?
Using Your Senses   States of Matter
3-4 Animal Behavior Earth Movements Electrical Circuits
Dinosaurs and Fossils Solar System Looking at Liquids
Food Chains and Webs Water Cycle Magnets
Insect Life Weather Instruments Measuring
Plant and Animal Life Cycles   Powders and Crystals
Small Things and Microscopes   Sound
5-6 Fungi - Small Wonders Erosion Color and Light
Pollution Oceans Electromagnetism
Pond Life Rocks and Minerals Flight and Rocketry
You and Your Body Solar Energy Lenses and Mirrors
  Weather Forecasting Simple Machines
6-8 DNA - From Genes to Proteins Astronomy Electrical Connections
Plants in Our World Earth, Moon, and Sun Matter and Change
Formerly 'Chemical Interactions'
  Earth Processes Newton's Toy Box
  Famous Scientists If Shipwrecks Could Talk