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FOSS K-6 ©2005 (2nd Edition)
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Grade Life Science Earth and Space Science Physical Science and Technology Scientific Reasoning and Technology Alternative Modules*
6-8 Human Brain and Senses Earth History Electronics    
Diversity of Life Planetary Science, 2nd Edition Chemical Interactions
Populations and Ecosystems Weather and Water Force and Motion
5-6 Food and Nutrition Solar Energy Levers and Pulleys Models and Designs Living Systems*
Environments Landforms Mixtures and Solutions Variables Water Planet*
3-4 Human Body Water Magnetism and Electricity Ideas and Inventions Matter and Energy*
Structures of Life Earth Materials Physics of Sound Measurement Sun, Moon, and Stars*
1-2 New Plants Air and Weather Solids and Liquids   Insects and Plants*
Insects Pebbles, Sand, and Silt Balance and Motion Plants and Animals*
K Trees   Wood and Paper    
Animals Two by Two Fabric

* FOSS is providing more OPTIONS to align with more state standards. Each new module contains the same main components as the existing modules (comprehensive teacher guide, student books called Science Resources, complete equipment kit with materials for a class of 32 students, teacher preparation DVD, and FOSSweb resources for teachers, parents, and students).