"I'll take Better Test Scores for 600, Alex."

For years, educators have praised Jeopardy! as a wonderful motivational tool. Now, in cooperation with the producers of the award-winning quiz show, Classroom Jeopardy! brings 100% of the lights, sounds, and action of the TV show to school! Best of all, it's designed to make it super-easy to write your own questions to quiz the subjects your students need to learn, whether they're working on single-digit subtraction or molecular biochemistry!

From the excitement of the Daily Double to the famous strains of the Jeopardy! Think Music, Classroom Jeopardy! plays exactly like the real thing. The player or team selects a category and value, which you enter with your Host remote controller. The clue is instantly displayed on your TV screen in large type that's visible even from the back of the room. When players or teams signal in on their wireless remote controllers, you only have to press 'Correct' or 'Incorrect' on the Host unit, and the electronic scoreboard takes care of adding (or subtracting) the points automatically.

Create your own game on your PC or Macintosh computer with easy-to-use software (included), and download it onto a Classroom Jeopardy! cartridge using Jeopardy! Link.
Plug your customized cartridge or one of the pre-programmed cartridges (sold separately) into the back of the Classroom Jeopardy! Scoreboard.
You're ready
to play!


Classroom Jeopardy!

Everything you need to write, save, and play games is included in one box: Classroom Jeopardy! Link, Classroom Jeopardy! Editor game-creation software (PC and Mac compatible), 3 wireless Player Remotes, one wireless Host Remote, electronic Scoreboard with 3 erasable name cards, wireless antenna, power adapter and cords, easy-to-follow guide, and a pre-programmed game cartridge with 5 sampler games plus extra storage space for custom games you create.

Jeopardy! Extra Scoreboard and Remotes

Each scoreboard comes with 3 Player Remotes. You can connect up to 10 scoreboards, allowing as many as 30 students to play at one time. Fully compatible with new or original version (gray) units.

Jeopardy! Cartridges

Save games you create or download shared games onto these handy storage cartridges. Each cartridge holds 5-12 Jeopardy! games.

Single     10-Pack  

Pre-programmed Game Cartridges

Sciene and Health Grade 3 - Test students knowledge of planets, animals, energy sources, scientific inventions, food groups, nutrition, personal health and safety, and more.

Sciene and Health Grade 4 - Games include these topics: geology, recycling, photosynthesis, insects, computer technology, human biology and health, and more games.

Sciene and Health Grade 5 - Challenging games include: Matter, the water cycle, food groups, life science, chemical changes, weather systems, the human body, and more.

Math Grade 3 - Challenge students with addition, subtraction, rounding, measurement, telling time, word problems, multiplication, using money, and more.

Math Grade 4 - Topics encompass place value,word problems, division,money math, geometric shapes, fractions,math symbols, and more.

Math Grade 5 - Contents include: Estimation, decimals, algebraic equations, currency, ratios, patterns, exponents, and much more.