Delta Science Readers Color and Light - Reader (Set of 8)

Grades 5 - 6   

In the Delta Science Reader Color and Light, students read about different aspects of light and color. They discover that different surfaces and substances refl ect, absorb, and refract light. They learn how we see things in general and how we see color in particular. They also read about a famous astronomer— Annie Jump Cannon—and her work with stellar spectra. Finally, students learn about color blindness.

Delta Science Readers are16-page nonfiction books for students with informative, engaging full-color photos and graphics that present key science concepts and vocabulary.

Each reader has three main sections:
1. Think About...
key information about the unit topic
2. People in Science
historical biographies, careers in science
3. Did You Know?
high-interest articles or selections

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Delta Science Readers Color and Light - Reader (Set of 8)   WW538-6051 $45.00