Delta Science Readers - Solar System - Reader (Set of 8)

Grades 3 - 4   

In the Delta Science Reader Solar System,students explore our solar system, its star the Sun, and Earth’s place in it. They take a tour of the nine planets and read about other objects in the solar system. The book also describes the work of a planetary geologist. In addition, students will discover how telescopes work.

Delta Science Readers are16-page nonfiction books for students with informative, engaging full-color photos and graphics that present key science concepts and vocabulary.

Each reader has three main sections:
1. Think About...
key information about the unit topic
2. People in Science
historical biographies, careers in science
3. Did You Know?
high-interest articles or selections

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Delta Science Readers - Solar System - Reader (Set of 8)   WW538-6084 $45.00