Blue Planet Rotating Illuminated Seasonal Globe

Grades 5 - 8  Content Standard D, 5-8 

Transfix your students with an asteroid's view of their home planet: the beautiful blue Earth floating silently in the blackness of space. This gorgeous showpiece, individually hand-crafted, is lit from within, yet ingeniously shielded so that only half of the planet is visible as the globe turns, perfectly recreating how the sunlight varies over the surface of the Earth. An internal robotic mechanism design lets students see in a 6-minute interval the changing pattern of the sunlight falling over each hemisphere during the year, helping them answer all those difficult questions about sunlight and the seasons. Encased in a 23" x 18" x 18" smoked Plexiglas cover, the 16" globe includes a multi-setting controller. Minimal assembly required. Shipped directly from the artist; please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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Blue Planet Rotating Illuminated Seasonal Globe   WW070-7398 $1,230.00