FOSS Variables, 2nd Edition

Grades 5 - 6    

Some of the most important scientific concepts students learn are the result of their ability to see relationships between objects and events. Relationships always involve interactions, dependencies, and cause and effect. The Variables Module has four investigations that help students discover relationships through controlled experimentation. Students will fling, float, fly, and flip objects as they discover relationships in each investigation.

FOSS expects students to:

  Name   Item # Price Quantity
Variables - Complete Module   WX742-5036 $500.00
Variables - Refill Package   WX742-0665 $44.00
Variables - Tool Kit   WX742-3404 $72.75
Variables - Student Books (English, 8 pack)   WX542-2023 $59.00
Variables - Student Books (Spanish, 8 pack)   WX542-0634 $59.00
Variables - Science Notebook   WX1013842 $5.95
Variables - Teacher Preparation DVD   WX041-0261 $69.00
Variables - Teacher Conversion Kit   WX742-5078 $261.00
Variables - Equipment Conversion Kit   WX742-8013 $9.99