Early Science Libraries

Grades Pre-K - 2     Teacher Resource Included

Students explore key science concepts through engaging full-color, real-world, nonfiction big books and student readers. Award-winning and content rich, these big books, student readers and teacher guides meet the National Science Standards and Benchmarks for Science Literacy. Big books contain developmentally-appropriate text, which is effective for a wide array of early learners. Teacher guides include background information, cross-curricular activities, hands-on experiments, assessment tasks, and home/school connections.
16 pages , paperback

Set A Titles Include:
Where Does All the Garbage Go?; Busy As a Bee; Animals In Hiding; A Butterfly is Born; Design It! Build It!; Inventions; Push and Pull; The Rain Forest; Rocks and Soil; A World of Tools; What Is a Cycle?; Human Body

Set B Titles Include:
Life in a Pond; Leaping Frogs; Balance and Motion; Spinning a Web; Simple Machines; The Four Seasons; Light; Amazing Water; Sink or Float; What is Matter?; See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell; Seeds Get Around

  Name   Item # Price Quantity
Early Science Student Reader Library (Set A)   WW025-0150 $66.00
Early Science Big Book and Teacher Guide Library (Set B)   WW025-3565 $402.00
Early Science Student Reader Library (Set B)   WW025-3576 $66.00