Trees - California Edition ©2007

Grade K     Teacher Resource Included


The giant sequoia is the most massive living organism on Earth. It is a tree, magnificent in dimension and awe inspiring in its longevity and durability. To stand in the company of such giants is to experience the scale of life.

To a kindergartner the oak on the corner, the pines at the park, and the mulberry trees at school are giants. Systematic investigation of trees over the seasons will bring students to a better understanding of trees’ place at school and in the community. Students will observe changes in weather day to day, over the year, and the impact weather has on living things. Students will have some solid experiences to help them know plants and their place on Earth.

FOSS California helps students meet standards because they:

Complete Modules for grades K–2 include materials and equipment for two classes of 32 students, a Teacher Guide, 32 Science Resources student books, 1 Science Resources Big Book, a FOSSWEB CA CD-ROM, and a safety poster.

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FOSS California: Trees - Complete Module   WX742-0002 $685.00
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