Plants and Animals - California Edition ©2007

Grade 1     Teacher Resource Included


The Plants and Animals Module provides experiences that heighten young students’ awareness of the different ways that plants and animals meet their needs. Students care for plants to learn what they need to grow and develop. They observe the structures of plants and discover ways to propagate new plants from mature plants (from seeds, bulbs, roots, and stem cuttings). They observe and describe changes that occur as plants grow, and organize their observations on a calendar and in a notebook. They build a terrarium and provide for the needs of both plants and animals living together in a classroom habitat. They read about and view photographs and videos of plants and animals living in different habitats.

FOSS California helps students meet standards because they:

Complete Modules for grades K–2 include materials and equipment for two classes of 32 students, a Teacher Guide, 32 Science Resources student books, 1 Science Resources Big Book, a FOSSWEB CA CD-ROM, and a safety poster.

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FOSS California: Plants and Animals - Complete Module   WX742-0005 $933.00
FOSS California: Plants and Animals - Science Resources Student Book (8-PK)   WX542-0081 $57.00
FOSS California: Plants and Animals - Science Resources Big Book   WX542-0061 $39.00
FOSS K-6 © 2005 (2nd Edition): Plants and Animals Live Organism Coupon   WX270-4550 $65.05
FOSS California: Plants & Animals Refill Package   WX742-0030 $59.00
FOSS California: Plant & Animals Teacher Preparation DVD   WX1012876 $69.00
FOSS California: Plants and Animals - Science Notebook   WX1013846 $5.95
FOSS California: Plants and Animals - Spanish Science Notebook   WX1013917 $5.95
FOSS California: Grade 1 ExamView   WW1267864 $129.95