Solids and Liquids - California Edition ©2007

Grade 1     Teacher Resource Included


The Solids and Liquids Module provides experiences that heighten students’ awareness of the physical world. Matter with which we interact exists in three fundamental states: solid, liquid, and gas. In this module first graders have introductory experiences with two of these states, solid and liquid.


FOSS California helps students meet standards because they:

Complete Modules for grades K–2 include materials and equipment for two classes of 32 students, a Teacher Guide, 32 Science Resources student books, 1 Science Resources Big Book, a FOSSWEB CA CD-ROM, and a safety poster.

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Solids and Liquids - Complete Module CA Edition   WX742-0004 $993.00
Solids and Liquids - Science Resources Student Book (8-PK)   WX542-0082 $57.00
Solids and Liquids - Science Resources Big Book CA Ed.   WX542-0060 $39.00
Solids and Liquids - Refill Package CA Edition   WX742-0029 $59.00
Solids and Liquids Teacher Preparation DVD - CA Ed.   WX1012874 $69.00
Solids and Liquids - Science Notebook CA Ed.   WX1013847 $5.95
Solids and Liquids - Spanish Science Notebook CA Ed.   WX1013918 $5.95
FOSS Grade 1 ExamView   WW1267864 $129.95