Insects and Plants - California Edition ©2007

Grade 2     Award Winning Product! Teacher Resource Included


Provides experiences that heighten students’ awareness of the living world. They come to know firsthand the life sequences of a number of insects. Four investigations introduce an insect and students observe structures and behaviors, discuss their findings, and record observations over time. Students see the life cycle of insects unfold and compare the stages of metamorphosis exhibited by each species. At the same time, students grow a plant from seeds and observe brassica go through its life cycle to produce new seeds. Students relate these firsthand experiences to information they gather from reading about life cycles of other plants and animals.

FOSS California helps students meet standards because they:

Complete Modules for grades K–2 include materials and equipment for two classes of 32 students, a Teacher Guide, 32 Science Resources student books, 1 Science Resources Big Book, a FOSSWEB CA CD-ROM, and a safety poster.

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FOSS California: Insects and Plants - Complete Module   WX742-0008 $934.00
FOSS California: Insects and Plants - Science Resources Student Book (8-PK)   WX542-0080 $57.00
FOSS California: Insects and Plants - Science Resources Big Book   WX542-0064 $39.00
FOSS California: Insects & Plants Teacher Preparation DVD   WX1012878 $69.00
FOSS California: Insects and Plants - Science Notebook   WX1013850 $5.95
FOSS California: Insects and Plants - Spanish Science Notebook   WX1013921 $5.95
FOSS California: Grade 2 ExamView   WW1267865 $129.95