Hands-on Explorations: Magnets

Grades 3 - 6   Content Standard B, K-4, 5-8  Teacher Resource Included

All the essentials needed for students to learn about magnetism. Includes 5 different kinds of magnets, steel shapes, magnetic test items, and a magnetic field demonstrator. The accompanying Magnets: A World to Discover! provides activity suggestions.

Includes the following

  • 1 lb. Steel shapes
  • 1 Horseshoe magnet
  • 1 Bar magnet
  • 1 Ring magnet
  • 1 Set marbles
  • 2 Bags magnetism test items
  • 2 Magnet wands
  • 1 Bag iron fillings
  • Activity Guide

Looking for a comprehensive science module featuring magnets? Check out the Delta Science Module Magnets. This supplementary kit includes all the materials you need for 12 in-depth activities, a teacher's guide with lesson plans, assessments and student sheets, a set of 8 Delta Science Readers, and a 32 pack of Skillbuilders!

  Name   Item # Price Quantity
Hands-on Explorations: Magnets   WW750-5046 $59.95

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