Perfect Pellets - Vole

Grades 2 - 6    

Sanitary and consistent, Perfect Pellets eliminate the "eww" factor, pest concerns, and guesswork from owl pellet investigations. Synthetic pellets each contain a complete, life-size vole, mole or bird skeleton replica, but won’t harbor insects or disease. No baking, no fuss and no disappointment or confusion with partial remains. Instead you and your students can focus on understanding owls and the biology of their prey. Pellets measure 2 1/2"- 3 1/2" each.

Students dissect these manufactured pellets to find perfect replica skeletons of the barn owl’s favorite meals: voles, moles and starlings. The prey’s unique bone structures make Perfect Pellets ideal for comparative anatomy investigations.

  Name   Item # Price Quantity
Perfect Pellets - Vole (Pkg 6)   WW1289435 $20.00
Perfect Pellets - Vole (Pkg 15)   WW1289438 $50.00
Perfect Pellets - Vole (Pkg 30)   WW1289441 $100.00
Perfect Pellets - Vole (Pkg 60)   WW1289444 $200.00