Why Delta Science Modules?

Because they are friendly.
Teaching science is simple with Delta Science Modules. The comprehensive kits and Teacher Guides are user-friendly for all teachers, meeting the needs of both those who are at ease teaching science and those who appreciate more support.

Because they are flexible.
Support your textbook with additional science content and meaningful investigations, or build a unique hands-on curriculum that meets your standards. Choose from 59 standards-based modules covering life, earth, and physical science concepts for grades K-8.

Because they are affordable.
Delta Science Modules and the new Delta Science Readers are affordably priced. The kits include almost everything you need to teach the unit. Economical refill kits are available to replenish consumable items. Living Materials order cards are included in the kits and refill kits.

Because they are effective.
Each unit provides 12 classroom tested activities for 4-to-6 weeks of science instruction. The activities engage students in inquiry-based learning. Students learn better when they are engaged and involved, and they remember what they have learned. A three-part assessment, including a new Unit Test in the third edition, shows that students master the science concepts and vocabulary.