FOSS K-6 ©2005 (2nd Edition)

FOSS K-6 is a complete, modular program consisting of 26 modules for self-contained elementary classrooms. The components exclusive to K-6 are

Equipment Kits Active learning requires materials. The FOSS program includes those materials in sturdy equipment kits that contain enough consumable items for two compete uses by a class of 32 students. With the exception of some common classroom items, and living organisms, the FOSS equipment kits include almost everything teachers need.

Refill Kits Economical refill kits are available for each module. The refill packages replace the consumable items used up during the investigations. Each refill kit contains enough replacement materials for two complete class uses of the modules.

Tool Kits Most of the modules in grades 3-6 require additional equipment form the Measurement Module. If you are teaching a 3-6 module, it is important for you to have access to this Measurement module. For schools and districts that want every kit to stand alone without reliance on a Measurement module, these materials are offered separately in specific Tool Kits. Each kit includes class quantities of measuring tools needed for the module.

Living Organisms Live organisms are required, but not included, for some of the modules. The organisms can be purchased separately via coupon cards. Please allow up to four weeks processing time for redemption of these cards.

Teacher Guide
Comprehensive guide in a 3-ring binder. Includes science background, detailed lesson plans, assessments, and resource lists. more>

Science Stories
Four-color student book with readings, data, and images. Designed to extend or reinforce the science concepts introduced in your classroom investigations. more>

Formative and benchmark assessment tools to enhance learning. more>
Teacher Preparation Video
Provides instructional support to save you preparation time. more>

This FOSS web site connects students, teachers, and parents with exciting new resources at home or school. more>