FOSS, 2nd Edition and Middle School
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Catalog Downloads
Click the module name (below) to download a complete list of items for that module. Catalogs are in PDF format. Each catalog also includes an order form, and other ordering information. Use these catalogs to help put an order together, then just fax (1-800-282-9560) or call (1-800-442-5444) the order into our customer service team.

K-6 Modules

Middle School

All K-6 modules  All K-6 modules  All Middle School Modules
 Air and Weather  Measurement  Chemical Interactions
 Animals Two by Two   Mixtures and Solutions  Diversity of Life
 Balance and Motion  Models and Designs  Earth History 1st Edition (© 2005)
 Earth History 2nd Edition
 Earth Materials  New Plants  Electronics
 Environments  Pebbles, Sand, and Silt  Force and Motion
 Fabric  Physics of Sound  Human Brain and Senses
 Food and Nutrition  Plants and Animals  Planetary Science
 Human Body  Solar Energy  Populations and Ecosystems
 Ideas and Inventions  Solids and Liquids  Weather and Water
 Insects  Structures of Life
 Insects and Plants  Sun, Moon, and Stars
 Landforms  Trees
 Levers and Pulleys  Variables
 Living Systems  Water
 Magnetism and Electricity  Water Planet
 Matter and Energy  Wood and Paper