Base Ten Manipulatives

These durable plastic unit cubes, ten rods, hundred flats, and thousand cubes are concrete models for exploring place value and its relationship to whole numbers, decimals, and algebra.

Class Set includes 1000 units, 90 rods, 30 flats, 2 thousand cubes, 50 place value sheets and Base Ten Mathematics in a storage box.

Introductory Set includes 500 units, 60 rods, 10 flats, 1 thousand cube, 50 place value sheets and Base Ten Mathematics guide in a storage box.

Starter Set includes 100 units, 30 rods, 10 flats and Base Ten Mathematics in a corrugated suitcase.

With the Overhead Base Ten you can teach counting, grouping, place value, numeration, and other base ten concepts easily using the overhead projector. Set includes 30 cubes, 20 rods, and 2 flats.

Name Item Number Unit Price Quantity
Base Ten - Place Value Charts 030-4369 $4.95
Base Ten Blocks - Introductory Set 020-1277 $69.95
Base Ten Blocks - Starter Set 020-1343 $36.95
Base Ten Manipulatives - Class Set 020-1200 $110.95
Plastic Base Ten Components - 10 Flats 020-1255 $10.25
Plastic Base Ten Components - 30 Rods 020-1300 $6.57