24 Games

In 1988, successful inventor Robert Sun embarked on a journey to teach children the relationship between numbers through a game. The result of his efforts was the 24® game, a unique mathematics teaching tool that has proven to successfully engage students in grades 1 through 9 from diverse economic and social backgrounds. “I wanted to demonstrate that mathematics can be powerful, engaging and most of all, fun,” says Sun. “Knowing the answer is always 24 alleviates a classic brand of math anxiety—getting the right answer—and instead puts the emphasis on the process and patterns, what I like to call ‘the method behind the math.’ ”

The 24 game has made math fun for a whole new generation of kids. It's become an international and American sensation, inspiring kids to join 24 math clubs and helping them learn how to perform complex calculations quickly in their head without pencil or paper. The game -- which is played through a series of large, easy to hold cards -- improves and builds on the math skills kids already have and helps develop the skills they need. Number sense, problem solving, pattern sensing, concentration, and critical thinking are all refined while playing this fun and exciting game. Who knew math could be so much fun? The One, Two, Three Dot designation means there are a range of math problems in this box, from easy to moderate to difficult.

Name Item Number Unit Price Quantity
24 Games Multiplication/Division 070-4582 $35.99
24 Games Single Digits 070-4560 $35.99