Adam Triple Beam Balance

Adam Corporation's new Triple Beam Balance offers an assortment of valuable classroom features not available with any other triple beam. First, in response to teachers' overwhelming concerns about stolen triple beams, Adam built a security bracket into the balance's housing so that educators could easily keep their balances safe from theft. The bracket is compatible with any universal Kensington lock and cable. (Cable and lock sold separately.)

Secondly, this balance comes equipped with unique tripod legs to lift up the balance for optimal visibility during below balance activities such AS density experiments. The legs are both more stable and more convenient to use than the rod and clamp kits that other manufacturers offer. Because the legs are integrated into the balance, the Adam Triple Beam Balance removes the hassle of fitting clamps onto a lab table and also erases concerns about damaging lab furniture. Adam's Triple Beam Balance is the only triple beam that includes below-balance weighing as a standard feature rather than as an accessory at an additional cost.

The balance also boasts a generous 2610 gram capacity, which is 2000 grams more than most other triple beams available to teachers. The readability is 0.1g, the standard readability for this class of balance. Its durable and easy to keep clean with metal housing and a stainless steel pan. A built-in mass holder provides handy storage for the additional weights when they are not in use. Quality center-point readings are ensured with magnetic dampening, positive poise positioning, well-defined notches, and three graduated-tier beams. A counterbalance knob provides speedy zeroing.

Name Item Number Unit Price Quantity
Adam Triple Beam Balance 202-0515 $144.99
Adam Triple Beam Balance with 225g Tare 202-0526 $154.99