Online Help

Having trouble locating a product?
  Our site is structured to allow you to locate a product in many different ways. Use the questions below to assist you in finding the product.
  Do you have the part number from the catalog or replacement parts order form?
  You can use the Product Search functionality at the top of each page to locate a product by it's part number. Just type the part number into the box and click the 'Go' button. If the product is still current, then the web site will bring you right to the product detail page. Otherwise, you may be looking for an older part number that is no longer current. In this case, you will either get a 'Product Not Found' message, or the product detail page that will alert you to the discontinued status of the product.
  Do you have either the product name or a key word in the product name?
  Using the Product Search function at the top of each page, you can enter the product name or a single key word and click the 'Go' button. The Product Search function will then search our database of products for any product that contains that name or keyword.
  You don't have a part number or a name, but you know which subject it would be used in.
  Using the Product Category menu on the left side of the home page, select the subject that the product would belong in. Each subject will reveal a list of subcategories to browse in. Select the subcategory that closely matches your product of interest. For example, if you are looking for clocks to help teach time to second graders then you would first click 'Math'. Next, you would then click 'Time and Money' subcategory. This subcategory will then display all the math products related to learning about time and money.
Having trouble with the shopping cart?
  Our site uses a session cookie to remember what items are currently in you shopping cart.
  Does your browser have Cookies disabled?
  In order to use our shopping cart functionality you must have the Cookies enabled. Check with your browser's online help to get the instructions on how this is done.
  Do you have multiple browsers open?
  Each browser will start a new shopping cart list. So if you are using multiple browsers to put an order together, you will need to just use one.
  Are you placing multiple orders and the items from the last order are still in the cart?
  Once you have finished the checkout process, the site will offer you a button to place another order. By clicking this button, the site will clean out your cart and begin a new order for you. If you did not click this button, then use the 'Update Shopping Cart' button to remove any old items. Simply check the 'Remove' column for each item you wish to have removed then click the 'Update Shopping Cart' button.