Integrated Technology

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Hands-on Science for the Digital Age

FOSS is committed to providing a rich, accessible technology experience for all FOSS users. FOSSweb is the online access portal to FOSS digital resources. It provides enrichment for students and support for teachers, administrators, and families who are actively involved in implementing and enjoying FOSS materials. With every module purchased you will receive an access code to unlock that module's resources, allowing teachers to easily expand their digital library.

Each FOSS program has some unique technology features. To learn more about what each edition has to offer, explore that edition's technology page.

Technology to Engage Students at School and at Home

Online Interactive Multimedia

These include virtual investigations and tutorials, models, and simulations to support students who have difficulties or who have been absent. In many cases these interactives are an integral part of the module or course but may also be used to extend investigation concepts.

Measurement and Mass Virtual Tutorial

Explore the "Measuring Volume and Mass" Virtual Tutorial

Watch the Virtual Investigation Overview Video
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FOSS Science Resources eBooks

As premium content, FOSS Science Resources is available as an eBook that students can access at school or at home from a computer or a tablet.

Streaming Video

Some video clips are part of the instruction in the investigation, and others extend concepts presented in a module.

Class pages

Teachers with a FOSSweb account can set up class pages with notes and assignments for students and families to access online.

Screenshot of class page

Example Grade 3 Class Page

Recommended Books and Websites

The FOSS developers have reviewed and prepared a list of media resources, including print books and digital content, that are appropriate for students.

Screenshot of recommended websites

Technology to Support Teachers

Electronic Investigations Guide

The eGuide is the complete FOSS Investigations Guide component of theTeacher Toolkit in an electronic web-based format, allowing access from any internet-enabled computer.

FOSS Next Generation eInvestigations Guide

Teacher Preparation Videos

These videos present information to help you prepare for a module or course, including detailed lesson guidance and equipment setup and use information by investigation part.

Screenshot of teacher preparation video

Air and Weather Teacher Preparation Video Example

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

You can use these slide shows and other interactive resources with a SMART or Promethian interactive whiteboard.

Focus question

FOSSmap and Online Assessment

A computerized assessment program, called FOSSmap, provides a system for students to take assessments online, and for you to review those assessments online and to assign tutorial sessions for individual students based on assessment performance.

Other Resources on

Resources by Investigation

Save time by reviewing only the resources you need for a single investigation. This digital listing provides online links to notebook sheets, assessment and teacher masters, and multimedia for each investigation of a module, for projection in the classroom.

Resources by Investigation

Student and Teacher Masters

All notebooking, assessment, and teacher masters are available digitally on FOSSweb for downloading or projection in the classroom or to print directly from your computer. Some editions offer digital-only assessment masters in Spanish.

Teacher Resources

FOSSweb provides PDF files of these chapters in Teacher Resources—Assessment, Science Notebooks, Science-Centered Language Development, Taking FOSS Outdoors, and FOSSweb and Technology.

Module or Course Summary

The summary describes each investigation in a module, including major concepts developed.

Module or Course Updates and Teaching Notes

FOSSweb is the source of record for important updates related to the teacher materials, student equipment, and safety guidelines. Teaching notes include suggestions and enhancements to the module, sent in by experienced FOSS users.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

These sheets have information from materials manufacturers on handling and disposal of materials.