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FOSS Students working on an investigation

FOSS Next Generation empowers teachers with everything they need to easily manage active instruction. Teachers don't have to be science experts to teach science effectively. Our years of working with real teachers in real class situations have resulted in a design that provides everything YOU need to be successful: Investigations that work, durable materials, and comprehensive support.

Component List

Investigations Guide

The Investigations Guide is the core instructional tool for teachers and provides them with the support and strategies to successfully facilitate FOSS investigations.

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources guides teachers in the instructional design behind FOSS Next Generation. This valuable tool includes chapters on assessment, science notebooking, science-centered language development, and more along with all teaching masters.

Equipment Kits

Each FOSS Next Generation module features an equipment kit with all the necessary materials to complete each investigation and enough consumable materials for three class uses.


FOSS Next Generation offers a variety of integrated technology resources for teachers and students through the FOSSweb including digital teacher support, interactive simulations and virtual investigations, and other additional resources.

FOSS Science Resources Book

FOSS Science Resources is a book of original readings, called articles, developed to accompany each module. Students read the articles in the book covering specific concepts as they progress through the module's investigations.

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