FOSS Next Generation equipment kits provides the materials needed for every investigation, designed exclusively for K-5 students. Each equipment kit includes a class set of permanent equipment and enough consumable materials for three consecutive class uses of the module. All module equipment is thoroughly classroom-tested to ensure that investigations run smoothly.

Consumable Refills and Permanent Equipment Replacements

Economical refill packages and replacement equipment is available through the Delta Refill Center. Refills and replacements purchased through Delta Education are the original kit components and are guaranteed to work. Visit our Materials Replacement center to read more about the benefits of refilling your modules through Delta.

Print Editions vs. Digital Editions

FOSS Next Generation complete modules are available in three configurations to meet your school's needs. Each edition includes a complete equipment kit, access for teachers and students, and one of the following options:

Equipment made for BIG minds with small hands

Below are just a few examples of the program’s unique equipment. These accommodations show how the FOSS developers left no stone unturned in their quest to ensure that the activities work with all students. These are the things that make all the difference in helping every young scientist experience those "aha" moments!

Student working with equipment

Large Syringe with Stop

  • Size is easy for small hands to easily handle
  • Exclusive stop keeps plunger in place
Student working with a circuit board experiment

Circuit Board

  • Modular design makes it useful for multiple activities
  • Springs make connecting wires easy
  • Components are securely held in place
Two students observe a tripod funnel

Tripod Funnel

  • Tripod design creates stable platform
  • Wide mouth keeps spills to a minimum
Students working with a cylinder

Graduated Cylinder

  • Large numbers are easy to see
  • Yellow background improves contrast for better legibility
  • Extra wide, stable base reduces spills
Students working with a balance


  • Versatile cup trays hold items securely and make it easy to clean
  • Large, easy to interpret indicator