The Teacher Toolkit is the most important part of the FOSS Next Generation program. It is here that all the wisdom and experience contributed by hundreds of educators has been assembled. Everything we know about the content of each module, how to teach the subject, and resources that support each investigation are presented here.

Every FOSS module includes either a print or digital edition Teacher's Toolkit for the title. Each toolkit has three parts: an Investigations Guide, Teacher Resources, and a teacher copy of FOSS Science Resources.

Investigations Guide

FOSS Next Generation Investigations Guides provide teachers with the support and strategies to help them successfully facilitate the investigations at the core of the program. They include informative chapters overviewing the module. reviewing materials, integrating technology, and effectively using assessment along with detailed guidance before, during, and after each investigation.

FOSS Next Generation Investigations Guides provide complete support:

  • Detailed content background provides valuable fundamental knowledge to help teachers feel comfortable facilitating the investigation
  • Descriptions of how NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts are addressed in each investigation
  • CCSS ELA strategies are embedded within activities and identified in the sidebars
  • Detailed investigation support provides confidence with everything from managing material preparation to science notebook prompts
  • Embedded formative assessment opportunities ensure informed instructional decisions

Print Edition

The print edition of the Investigations Guide is a durable, hardcover book that will withstand years of everyday classroom use. The spiral-bound format makes it easy to use on the go in your busy classroom. Print editions are included in both print edition and digital student module configurations.

Interactive Edition

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your eInvestigations Guide (eIG) from a tablet or laptop, whenever you want. Save valuable time by keeping key investigation resources right at your fingertips – collapsible sections allow you to view precisely the content you need.

  • Easy-to-use interactive format combines the Investigations Guide and module digital resources
  • Point-of-use access to the resources and teacher support - print right from your eIG
  • Add your own notes and teaching tips
  • Multi-platform design (HTML5) works on tablets or laptops

Teacher Resources

FOSS Next Generation Teacher Resources books guide teachers in how the elements of FOSS work and provides notebook and assessment masters. This valuable tool includes chapters on the program pedagogy and teaching strategies for key program elements:

Cover of Structures of Life Teacher Resources book
  • Assessment
  • Science Notebooks
  • Science-Centered Language Development
  • Taking FOSS Outdoors
  • FOSSweb and Technology
  • Alignment to Common Core ELA and Math

Each module includes the Teacher Resources book for that title. Online versions of Teacher Resources chapters can be accessed via your teacher account on Print editions are included in both print edition and digital student module configurations.

FOSS Science Resources Book

One copy of the student FOSS Science Resources book is included for the teacher as part of the module's Teacher Toolkit. 32 additional copies are included in the module for student use.