FOSS Next Generation makes full use of the latest technologies to provide students with engaging learning experiences and teachers with helpful resources for preparing for lessons, facilitating class discussions, and managing assessment.

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FOSSweb is the online, one-stop location for digital resources to support teaching, management, and assessment for each FOSS program. With a FOSSweb educator account, you can set up a customized homepage, which will provide easy access to the digital components of the modules you teach, and allow you to create class pages for your students with access to tutorials and online assessments.

Technology for Teachers

Electronic Investigations Guide (eIG)

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your FOSS Investigations Guide from a tablet or laptop, whenever you want. Save valuable time by keeping key investigation resources right at your fingertips – collapsible sections allow you to view precisely the content you need.

  • Easy-to-use interactive format combines the Investigations Guide and module digital resources
  • Point-of-use access to the resources and teacher support
  • Add your own notes and teaching tips
  • Multi-platform design (HTML5) works on tablets or laptops

Watch a brief video about some of the exciting features available in the new eInvestigations Guides.

Screenshot of EIG homescreen

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Teacher Preparation Videos

Invaluable videos provide detailed investigation information, equipment setup and use, safety, and what students do and learn in each part of the investigation.

See an example of a Teacher Preparation Video from our Air and Weather module!

Online Assessment and Reporting

FOSSmap is the online assessment management solution for FOSS. It allows students to take assessments online with automatic coding that provides timely feedback to the teacher. The assessment items have been tested in partnership with more than 500 teachers and 10,000 students.

  • Students can take assessments online
  • Automatic coding provides timely feedback to the teacher
  • Monitor class progress and inform instruction
  • Reports help you identify which students need help with specific core ideas

FOSS provides integrated sets of items that have been statistically analyzed as a cluster of items that provide detailed evidence of student learning.

Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Interactive Whiteboard screenshot

Interactive whiteboard activities for grades K-5 help you facilitate each part of each investigation.

Download a sample activity to try on your Smart™ or Promethean™ board!

Technology for Students

Student Science Resources eBooks

The new FOSS Science Resources eBook (eSRB) is now tablet-compatible. Whether students need access in school or at home, the eBooks combine interactivity and audio features to enrich the experience.

Explore some of the exciting features available in the new Science Resources eBooks.

Contact your Regional Sales Mananger to see a demonstration!

Online Activities for Differentiating Instruction

FOSSweb digital resources foster eLearning with engaging, interactive virtual investigations and tutorials. These are perfect for absent students, providing another presentation of the core ideas, or to support students who have difficulties with the material.

Watch the Virtual Tutorial overview video

Interactive Whiteboard screenshot

Try it for yourself! Explore the "Measuring Volume and Mass" virtual tutorial

Streaming Video


Streaming video content for students is embedded throughout each module. All streaming content is available in FOSSweb, conventiently chaptered for easy playback.

Preview the "Aquatic Insects" video: