Upgrading from Second Edition

Attention FOSS Middle School, Second Edition Users!

You're receiving complimentary digital access to FOSS Next Generation Middle School editions of your courses. Read on to find out how to access your new content once the new edition is released!

Q: When will the Next Generation edition of my course be available?
A: FOSS Next Generation Middle School courses are rolling out over the next 12 months.

Life Science Earth Science Physical Science

Diversity of Life
Available Now!

Populations & Ecosystems
January 2018

Weather & Water
Available Now!

Earth History
Pre-Order Now!

Planetary Science
September 2017

Chemical Interactions
January 2018

Q: How do I access the Next Generation edition of my courses?
A: Follow these steps to make Next Generation editions of your courses appear on your teacher page:

  1. Log in to FOSSweb.com
  2. Click the yellow "Manage My FOSS Modules" button
  3. Select the Next Generation edition course and click "Submit"

You can follow these same steps to hide Second Edition courses once you have transitioned to the new edition.

Q: What new content will I have access to?
A: The Next Generation edition enhances the three-dimensional instruction of the Second Edition course you are already teaching, without changing the materials in the kit. You'll be able to access the Next Generation editions of all of the FOSSweb digital resources you've come to rely on along with some materials new to this edition:

  • Revised eInvestigations Guide
  • Revised FOSS Science Resources eBook*
  • New editable teaching slides for each investigation part
  • All Next Generation edition digital resources (notebook sheets, online activities, streaming video, etc.)

*If you currently own premium class access to the second edition eBook you will be able to grant your class access to the Next Generation edition.

Q: How do I update my classes to use the new edition of my courses?
A: Follow these steps to add or update the course(s) to which your classes have access:

  1. Log in to FOSSweb.com and scroll to the "My Class Pages" section
  2. Click the yellow "Manage Class Page" button for the class page you want to update
  3. Check any courses your want to make available to your class and uncheck any courses you want to hide from your class.

Q: I need technical support for this transition. Whom should I contact?
A: Email techsupport.science@schoolspecialty.com and one of our tech support specialists will be in touch shortly.

Contact your local sales representative or call 800.258.1302 for special offers on FOSS Next Generation Middle School print teacher and student materials to complement your digital access.