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"As a K-5 science teacher I used FOSS exclusively to provide my students with a wonderful inquiry-based hands-on experience. This experience helped to foster a love of science in all of my students. As a result, my students exceeded the state norms on the Illinois Science Assessment and catapulted me into a new position where I am charged with sharing this passion for hands-on exploratory activities with a portfolio of 36 schools in my network."

Wesley M., Science Instructional Support Leader, Chicago, IL 

Find out what districts all over the country are discovering: implementing FOSS improves science scores—and more!

With FOSS, all teachers can teach science and all students can learn science! That comes from research, field tests, and decades of working with real students and teachers. Learn more about the research relating to FOSS and how we put our experience in the classroom to work for you in providing the support and professional development needed to be successful.

Lawrence Hall of Science FOSS Research Base

The FOSS Research Database includes research about FOSS, the Assessing Science Knowledge (ASK) project, hands-on science, inquiry, kit-based learning, and science notebooks. The website is always being updated with new references. You can do a search for references in the database using the search tools provided here.