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"I love teaching science, but many teachers do not feel confident. FOSS kits are laid out clearly so that a novice teacher can easily guide the investigations. Before FOSS, I had to gather materials myself. Now most materials are included in the kit."

Robin Shaw, Teacher
Bald Eagle Area MS/HS, Wingate, PA

"FOSS is amazing! The hands-on activities and STEM focus have resulted in my students having the top science ISTEP scores in our state!"

Dawn Bick, Teacher
Hasten Hebrew Academy, Indianapolis, IN

"As a K-5 science teacher I used FOSS exclusively to provide my students with a wonderful inquiry based hands-on experience. This experience helped to foster a love of science in all of my students. As a result, my students exceeded the State norms on the Illinois Science Assessment which catapulted me into this new position where I am charged with sharing this passion for hands -on exploratory activities for a portfolio of 36 schools within my network."

Wesley Miller, Science Instructional Support Leader
Chicago Public Schools Network 5, Chicago, IL

"Students absolutely love the hands-on experimentation and can't seem to get enough. It makes science come alive for them. English language learners can easily learn the academic language of the discipline because they experience the concepts in the real world through hands-on experimentation and write about their observations. Thanks to FOSS, my students love science and actually beg for more. Ever since utilizing the FOSS curriculum, my students have excelled on their CST performance."

Peggy Stierman, Educator/Gifted and Talented Education Coordinator
Evergreen Avenue Elementary, Los Angeles, CA

"FOSS kits have provided a scaffolded path for a regular science teacher to improve her instruction and become a role model in science teaching and learning practices. From the excellent background knowledge it provides to math and language acquisition connections, FOSS curriculum and specific labs have turned around my teaching of Grade 4 and Grade 5 VA science."

Adriana Fernandez, Science Teacher
Mount Vernon Community School, Alexandria, VA

"Our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and low-performing schools. The hands-on experience helps them to quickly grasp the concepts, even if their reading levels are low. The gradual progression of the activities to higher level thinking and science processes has given our children a wonderful love of and understanding of science and engineering. I love the vocabulary suggestions for English Language Learners. Most of all, I love FOSS because my students love it!"

Margaret Powell, Science Facilitator
Lincoln Academy, Hunstville, AL

"FOSS curriculum is outstanding in quality and support. I would rather teach using FOSS resources than any other. I find the activities and assessments allow more authentic learning experiences for my students. FOSS also inspires creativity in my lessons and in the ways I can make connections across multiple content areas."

Kathleen Leonard, Teacher
Christ the King School, Lexington, KY

"FOSS is the single best curriculum right out of the box in any subject area. I agree with the discovery model for science and the hands on materials are high quality and useful."

Michelle Makinson, 4th Grade Teacher
Bagby Elementary School, San Jose, CA

"Since 1999 our school has used FOSS as a major resource for our curriculum. FOSS provides necessary background information, lessons, evaluation tools and videos promoting exemplary levels of student engagement. We have recently incorporated the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices as part of our implementation... now at the end of each STEM Lab session students are able to accurately articulate the practices in which they engaged. We look forward to the Next Generation edition!"

Lori Lauver, STEM Coordinator
Sylvan Heights Science Charter School, Harrisburg, PA

"FOSS already was using the [philosophy behind] Next Generation Science Standards in earlier editions before they were officially adopted or given explicit terminology. You all have the practices, cross cutting concepts and DCI information in your lessons. You all know how to teach science and engage kids in learning it. Thank you for being 'the wheel' before it was reinvented! I love your materials and thank you for being a lasting, reliable publishing company."

Erin Ahern, Science Teacher
Gunning Bedford Middle School, New Castle, DE

"FOSS kits have been a wonderful addition to our middle school science curriculum. We love the hands on material, it is well designed with the middle school student in mind. With clear instructions, useful worksheets/lab summaries, and well organized materials, we love FOSS kits!"

Diane Hickborn, Teacher
Sparhawk School, Amesbury, MA

"I love using FOSS because it is by far the best way to teach young students STEM content! My students are excited and engaged with the STEM inquiry activities and actually said 'Thank you for teaching us science!' at the end of classes."

Soi Powell, K-4 Science Teacher
Evansville Day School, Evansville, IN

"I love how FOSS structures their lessons to engage students through hands on lessons that lead students to their own ongoing conclusions."

Allison Arnold, 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher
St. Junipero Serra Catholic School, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"We LOVE the fact that with FOSS, our students get their hands on science concepts rather than just simply learning about them in texts and by completing worksheets. The real-life application goes beyond the classrooms. Students continue to make connections across content areas and it transfers into their writing, conversation, and daily life. The hands-on experiences students get through FOSS raise their interest in science!"

Courtney Schoen, Learning Strategist
Eva G. Simmons Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

"I love the excitement in the kids when we learn from FOSS kits. The guided inquiry, the minimal lecturing and worksheets, and the freedom to use their hands to learn are the best part of FOSS."

Michael Lee, Middle School Science Teacher
Randolph Middle School, Randolph, KS

"I love FOSS because the materials are simple and easy to differienate for all different levels within the class."

Jessica Molesky, Teacher
Collier Elementary School, Mobile, AL

"My room, to an outsider, might look chaotic. It's messy. It's noisy, but only because my students are engaged and active while doing science. They love doing the same as work scientists, and they are thinking at higher levels."

Michelle Schauf, Science Curriculum Co-Chair
Walworth Elementary and Middle School, Walworth, WI

"I love FOSS because it helps me be an expert science teacher for my students. The content is high quality and relevant to my students lives. The excellent inquiry-based investigations naturally engage my learners. I can easily integrate math, language arts, and social studies with the science. I love the on-line resources, too!"

Gail Atchison, Teacher
Delaware Valley Elementary, Milford, PA

"We started with FOSS First Edition in 1994 and have built highly integrated learning units around science as the driving motivation for student learning. FOSS Next Generation will make that system even more dynamic with its Common Core connections."

Mark Watrin, Science TOSA
Battle Ground Public Schools, Battle Ground, WA

"We love FOSS because it provides us with a hands-on learning experience. Not only are the kids getting excited about science, they get to witness the science first hand by having a hands-on approach. Every time we say it's time for science, they let out a roar. And it's all thanks to FOSS hands-on kits!"

Aja Madison, Science Chair
St. Mary's Catholic School, Landover Hills, MD

"FOSS has long offered upper elementary teachers remarkably rich curricula. Its integration of well-designed hands-on and textual learning is unparalleled, and cross disciplinary connections are laid out in detail. Materials are usually commonly available, student exercises and assessments are thoughtfully constructed, and topical presentations encourage model making, revisions and further exploration."

Lori Cronyn, Teacher
Carthay School of Environmental Studies Magnet, Los Angeles, CA

"FOSS is fun! Everything is in the modules. This saves a lot time because the teacher is not running around trying to find all the materials. Every teacher has an "AHA" moment and FOSS is mine! I've attended workshops in Berkeley and had an awesome time. Thank you FOSS for making teaching science fun!

Lashon Brown, Middle School Science Teacher
Cathedral School, Natchez, MS

"I love FOSS because it is research based, tested, and lessons developmentally build to understanding and link together - all labs are purposeful."

Jill Hettinger, Science Department Chair
North Star Charter School, Eagle, ID

"FOSS is a great hands-on science curriculum for kids. The topics and investigations within each unit are scaffolded so they build on each other. My students love the investigations because they think it's fun. The teacher's guide is very user friendly. I also love that the investigation masters can be found in PDF format so that I can print them out at my convenience as well as pull them up on my interactive white board."

Melissa Wong, Science Teacher
PS 124M, New York, NY

"We love FOSS because it helps our students to think outwardly in the area of Science. Since our students have limited resources, we use FOSS to open up the world to them."

Meg Oeder, 4th and 5th Grade Title I Math and Science Teacher
Citizen's Academy, Cleveland, OH

"I love FOSS Kits! I am always amazed at the interaction and engagement the student bring to the table. These kits have helped our students become excited about science! The teacher editions are phenomenal! Great resource!"

Teri Montez,Science Support
South Davis Elementary, Arlington, TX

"I love FOSS science because is it a hands-on, cross-curricular approach to teaching science. I know that the FOSS science lessons will be quality and research-based. There is no last-minute scramble for materials; everything is provided and in good condition. My students love FOSS and so do I!"

Lydia Lallatin, 3rd Grade Teacher
Freedom Preparatory Academy, Provo, UT

"Utilizing the science notebooks has really helped my students to become better scientists. We absolutely love the science experiments and, along with the science notebooks, the students are provided with an excellent opportunity to interact with STEM."

Gina Campbell, Teacher
Linda Rankin Givens Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

"FOSS has given me the resources to do hands-on learning with the students. The program makes learning fun for the students and they are engaged in any activity I do using FOSS materials. FOSS relates to many standards that I need to teach and I can use a lot of materials for different grade levels."

Avory Abordonado, Science/STEM Resource Teacher
Wheeler Elementary, Wahiawa, HI

"FOSS is a great kit for teaching Science because it includes many hands-on lessons as well as books to read about various science topics. I have been using FOSS for 15 years and have had a lot of success with it. The children and I love the experiments and it creates a life long love of science and learning."

Jennifer Stanley, Teacher
LA Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

"Ready to go hands-on resources! I have been able to assist teachers with science lessons in our science lab and library. Even though I don't regularly teach science, the background information provided allows me to jump right in and teach the content."

Beverly Litke, Library Media Coordinator
China Grove Elementary, China Grove, NC

"I love using FOSS because it is hands on and inquiry based. I love that I can watch my students work together to solve the investigation and, including science notebooking, they get to create a textbook that is all their own."

Liz Foelske, Teacher
Janesville Consolidated School District, Janesville, IA

"Not only does FOSS leave the guesswork out of creating a great hands on inquiry, it also provides a structure that can be used at all levels in my classroom without loads of prep. My students love getting the labs ready for the next lesson. Love FOSS!"

Tanya Bonillas, 5th Grade Science Teacher
Brooks Collegiate Academy, San Antonio, TX