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FOSSweb Online Portal User Updates for 2017-2018

A new look for a new school year!

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Get a sneak preview of the new features coming to FOSSweb for 2018-2019.

New features for a new school year!

New student account options and updated online assessment coming in July

We’re pleased to announce some exciting changes to our FOSSweb online content portal for the 2018-2019 school year! Schools and districts will now have the option to create accounts for individual students, unlocking new features for added flexibility.

New Features for Classes with Student Accounts:

New features for ALL FOSSweb users:

New Module & Course Content

Additional Resources Now in Spanish

All student-facing materials for FOSS® Next Generation™ modules and courses are available online in Spanish.

  • FOSS Science Resources eBooks and audiobooks—now for K-8!
  • Blackline teacher, notebook, and assessment masters
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities for SMART™ and Promethean™ boards (Grades K-5)
  • PowerPoint® Teaching Slides (Grades 6-8)
  • Module or course vocabulary and definitions
  • Focus question labels for K-8
  • Ancillary card sets and posters
  • Select K-5 videos

Planning Guides

Content Planning Guide cover

New grade-level Planning Guides introduce the modules or courses available and the instructional resources in print and on FOSSweb. This guide describes the relationships between the components of the program and how to use them to provide continuous improvement of learning.

Your Planning Guide:

  • Gets you started using your Investigations Guides, FOSS Science Resources books, and FOSSweb to implement the program
  • Identifies specific Teacher Resources on FOSSweb to support instruction
  • Quickly gets you using FOSS in your classroom and builds your instructional expertise with each subsequent module

Additional Support for Three-Dimensional Learning


The FOSS authors at the Lawrence Hall of Science have crafted new resources that ease you into three-dimensional teaching and allow you to realize your potential as a facilitator of science learning. FOSS Next Generation supports NGSS goals whether you are experienced with earlier editions or are new to the FOSS Program.

New chapters include:

  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Crosscutting Concepts
  • Sense-Making Discussions

Assigning Content

Show/Hide Class Content

Screenshot of content-assigning panel

Educators have always been able to show or hide individual modules and courses to their FOSSweb classes. Now, new functionality allows any teacher to show or hide selected program content within a module or course to their whole class. This allows educators the opportunity to focus their students’ attention on the specific resources for their current unit of study if they wish.

Assign Content to Individual Students

Screenshot: Assigning Students

Click image for larger version

Educators in schools and districts that take advantage of new student account options have the ability to assign selected program content to individuals, groups, or the whole class. This feature is ideal for using digital resources as next-step strategies following assessment, differentiation opportunities, and for students catching up after an absence.

Enhanced Interactive eBooks

New individualized toolbar for student accounts

FOSS Science Resources interactive eBooks just got better! Today’s interactive eBooks include audio narration with synchronous highlighting, embed streaming video, and link out to related pieces of FOSSweb content. Students in schools and districts that have implemented one of the new student account options will gain access to an individualized eBook toolbar that enables:

Text highlighting in two colors to capture important passages.

A notetaking feature to save questions or comments.

Drawing annotation tools with three colors to facilitate close reading strategies.

My Data button that bookmarks all notes and highlighting.

FOSSmap Online Assessment

FOSSmap splash screen

Click image for larger version

We’re excited to share our new, modern FOSSmap online assessment platform with you! Powered by LinkIt, the new FOSSmap platform offers streamlined student management, updated interface, and new reporting capabilities – including district-level reporting for organizations that opt to use SIS integration.

  • Student accounts and classes from FOSSweb are immediately available in FOSSmap
  • Just a few clicks assigns an assessment to a class, group, or individual student
  • Monitor online assessment progress in real time
  • All new reporting dashboard allows you to compare performance across assessments

Student Management

FOSSmap Student Management

With new FOSSweb student accounts available there’s no need to recreate your class rosters in FOSSmap. Simply click the FOSSmap button under “Teaching the Module” on your module detail page to go to FOSSmap and your classes and students will be waiting for you.

Assigning and Taking Assessments

Updated interface to assign tests

Student view of assessment in progress

There’s no need to hand out individual student access codes any longer. It’s easier than ever for teachers to assign pre-test, I-Check, or summary assessments and for students to login with their FOSSweb credentials to access a secure, intuitive interface. Options available include:

  • Assign any assessment to a class, group, or individual student
  • Preview any assessment in Teacher Preview mode
  • Administer assessments in Tutorial Mode for practice purposes without grading

Students taking assessments have access to helpful new features as well. A toolbar at the top of the assessment screen allows them to flag an item to return to; use accessibility tools like font size, zooming, contrast changer, and line readers; pause session; see a list of questions; highlight text; and submit their session.

FOSSmap toolbar

New Reports and Capabilities

While FOSSmap may be on a new platform, nearly all of the reports you’re used to are still available along with some great new features to help you assess student proficiency and guide them along the path to mastery. All reports are easily printable for recordkeeping.

NEW! Teacher Dashboard with drag and drop comparison

Class Overview with Code Frequency

Class by Level

Student by Item

Class Diagnostic by NGSS performance expectation

Class Diagnostic by Assessment Item

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions about the July changes to FOSSweb for the 2018-2019 school year.

Q: When will new features be available?
A: All new features are expected to be live for users on Saturday, July 21, 2018. While we do not anticipate this date will change, check back for any available updates.
Q: Will I need to recreate my classes?
A: No. All of the classes you set up in your FOSSweb account before you left for summer break will still be there. If your school or district eventually decides to integrate their Student Information System (SIS) data with FOSSweb your classes would be overwritten with whatever data your district provides.
Q: Will I need to change how my students access FOSSweb for the new school year?
A: No. Unless you are a current FOSSmap online assessment user or would like to start using online assessments in the new year, you can leave things exactly as they are today. If you want to use online assessment in 2018-2019 you will need to choose one of our two new student account options.
Q: Will my students be able to access the new FOSSweb features if I use a class login?
A: New features like assigning content to individual students or the enhanced eBook toolbar with highlighting and notetaking will only be available to teachers with student accounts. You’ll still be able to take advantage of showing/hiding select content to your entire class and you’ll get access to all of the new module and course content.
Q: Will I need to add all of my students in FOSSmap like in years past?
A: No. The new student accounts feature in FOSSweb will give you easy access add individual student accounts yourself or for your district SIS admin to do it for you, depending on how they choose to implement. FOSSweb student accounts not only enable online assessment, but also unlock other new feature like assigning content and enhanced interactive eBooks.
Q: What’s the biggest change in the new version of FOSSmap?
A: FOSSmap has moved to a whole new platform, powered by LinkIt, with a clean interface for assigning assessments, narrated questions in English and Spanish, and new reporting including district level reporting for administrators. Check out the FOSSmap online assessment section above for more information. Remember, you will not be able to access FOSSmap unless you choose one of our two new student account options.
Q: Will there be support available on how to use these new features?
A: Yes! We’re hard at work creating step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to support you in learning all of the new FOSSmap features to start the school year right. As tutorials are finished we’ll link them here for early access, but you’ll also be able to access our new streamlined help menu within FOSSweb after the changes go live.