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Big Ideas for Small Group Learning

Sample module

Introduce, review, and reinforce important concepts with Science in a Nutshell® and Math in a Nutshell®. Students explore topics and make discoveries in science and math through inquiry-based, hands-on learning. Fun, meaningful activities are designed for student-directed individual or small-group learning. They're perfect for:

  • After school programs
  • Summer school
  • Classroom science centers
  • Teacher demonstrations
  • Independent study
  • Homeschool
  • Science clubs

Science in a Nutshell®

Life Science Earth Science Physical Science
Animal Observatory Breaking Earth's Hold Bubble Science
Body Basics Destination: Moon Charge It! Static Electricity
Flowering Plants Earth and Sun Clever Levers
The Human Machine Fossil Formations Crystal Creations
Is It Alive? Oceans Alive! Detective Lab
Microworlds Oceans in Motion Electrical Connections
One and Only You Our Changing Earth Electromagnetism
A Peek Inside You Planets and Stars Energy and Motion
Ponds and Streams Rock Origins Flight! Gliders to Jets
Seed Mysteries Soil Studies Gases
Small Wonders Water Cycle Gears at Work
Smell, Taste, Touch Weather Wise Liquids
Vision and Hearing   Magnetic Magic
    Physical and Chemical Changes
    Pulley Power
    Sound Vibrations
    Water Physics
    Wheels at Work
    Work: Plane and Simple

Math in a Nutshell®

Grades 2-3 Grades 4-5 Grades 5-6
Addition and Subtraction Algebra Algebra
Measurement Fraction Concepts Data Analysis and Probability
Money Geometry Fractions and Decimals
Time Metric Tools Geometry
  Multiplication and Division Measurement
  Probability Problem Solving
  Problem Solving Ratio, Proportion, and Percent