Posts for March 1998

Guest Contributors | March 12, 1998 | FOSS in Schools

In 1996 the Full Option Science System (FOSS) was showcased and offered as one of the exemplary curricula for CESAME's (Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education) Statewide Implementation Program in Massachusetts.

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Guest Contributors | March 03, 1998 | Philosophy

There are many variables that contribute in different ways to the effectiveness of instruction. One variable is seldom examined in detail even though it has a major influence upon learning. That variable is the physical arrangement of learners.

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Guest Contributors | March 02, 1998 | FOSS Partnerships

GEOMUSA is a teaching program for students in elementary school, developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Mining Museum. It uses the mineral exhibition, silver exhibition, and the mines. The subject for GEOMUSA is minerals and their properties and the history of silver mining.

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