Posts for March 1999

Guest Contributors | March 15, 1999 | Materials Management

Anyone who has a spent a winter in Oregon's Willamette Valley knows about the rain. FOSS kits developed by our neighbors in sunny California needed to be adapted to survive our rainy winters. Here's the story of FOSS science kit evolution in response to environmental factors.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 04, 1999 | Uncategorized

"What is the actual explanation for Graph A being curved vs. Graph B being a straight line?"

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Carol Keppel | March 03, 1999 | FOSS in Schools

The FOSS Food and Nutrition Module was an interesting exploration for our fifth graders at the Walter T. Bergen Middle School. The lessons on the six nutrients and investigations into fats, sugars, and acids helped them increase their knowledge of what they eat and improve their menu choices. I wanted to summarize this learning and give them some real food for thought.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 02, 1999 | FOSS in Schools

Students in Kindergarten at Westwood Elementary School (Abbeville School District #60) in Abbeville, South Carolina had a great time making collages and a bulletin board while investigating the FOSS Fabric Module.

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