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Posts for March 2002

Guest Contributors | March 14, 2002 | Live Organisms

Several FOSS modules require living organisms for students to study and experience—everything from radish sprouts and ryegrass to crayfish and cockroaches. The new middle-school Diversity of Life Course, would not be complete without living organisms. They are an integral part of the learning environment, but by their very nature require more attention than the nonliving components.

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Guest Contributors | March 11, 2002 | Science News

The most obvious ideas are not always clear. Take aerogel for instance, a transparent, smoky blue substance that's been especially manufactured to bring home a piece of a comet, among other things.

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Joanna Totino | March 08, 2002 | Science and the Community

"You are Cordially Invited To A FOSS Family Science Night! Come and explore the science units that your child is learning in the classroom!"

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Larry Malone | March 04, 2002 | Observations by Larry

I recently received this e-mail from a FOSS educator, Melissa Wick, from Fayetteville Public Schools in Arkansas, who came right to the point.

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Jamie Zwick and Catherine Strohecker | March 01, 2002 | FOSS in Schools

The 1st Lazear Elementary Autumnal Science Fair in Oakland, California, was an outstanding success! All classrooms and staff at all grade levels participated enthusiastically in scientific inquiry with exemplary presentations.

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