A Fair-nomenal Success!

Jamie Zwick and Catherine Strohecker, teachers, Lazear Elementary, Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, California
March 01, 2002 | FOSS in Schools

The 1st Lazear Elementary Autumnal Science Fair in Oakland, California, was an outstanding success! All classrooms and staff at all grade levels participated enthusiastically in scientific inquiry with exemplary presentations.

Science fair poster

This student from Lazear Elementary in Oakland, California, points to the steps for creating a successful science fair investigation.

The science fair took place over a two-day period during which participants from each classroom presented a hands-on investigation from their grade level. The investigations were science activities already being explored in the classroom. The presentations were given multiple times during the fair. Each classroom visited the other classrooms to hear and, in some cases, participate in the exhibitions. The activities covered inquiry topics from worms to plant growth, from water pressure to measurement of water, and from solids, liquids, and gases to patterns in nature. Most of the activities were drawn from the FOSS kits.

Students of all ages were excited to continue exploring and studying science at home and at school, as well as during and after the fair. Younger students wanted to learn about upper-grade activities, and vice versa.

Our goal was to engage and inspire all students and staff in scientific exploration early in the year. Our hope is to prepare and inspire our community for the (District) Spring Science Fair and continue scientific exploration. The children are excited, which in turn engages their families in the explorations. Their zeal continues to advance their methodical and scientific exploration as they move through the school year.

Jamie Zwick, 1st-grade teacher
Catherine Strohecker, 4th-grade teacher
Lazear Elementary
Oakland Unified School District
Oakland, California