FOSS Family Science Night

Joanna Totino, FOSS Elementary Specialist and director of the Bay Area Science Project
March 08, 2002 | Science and the Community

¡Usted Esta Cordialmente Invitado A La Noche De Ciencia FOSS Para Toda La Familia!

You are Cordially Invited To A FOSS Family Science Night!

Come and explore the science units that your child is learning in the classroom!

This was the announcement for the FOSS Family Science Night at Lazear Elementary School in Oakland, California. The Bay Area Science Project supported a group of teachers to organize and present the event. Approximately 50 parents and students attended the Family Science Night. Ninety-eight percent of the students at Lazear are Spanish-speaking.

Seven investigations from the following modules were presented: Wood and Paper; New Plants; Solids and Liquids; Insects; Balance and Motion; Pebbles, Sand and Silt; and Magnetism and Electricity. Several families joined together in one workshop for approximately 40 minutes, then took a break and attended a second session. The parents, grandparents, and students eagerly delved into the world of scientific exploration through the FOSS modules. What a remarkable sight to witness parents and children together immersed in inquiry learning. The evening was such a success that teachers ended the evening with plans for another FOSS Family Science Night at their school.

Here are some photos from the event:

Balance and Motion Module

Balance and motion demo Balance and motion demo

Magnetism and Electricity Module

Magnetism and electricity demo

Wood and Paper Module

Wood and paper demo Newspaper hats

Pebbles, Sand and Silt Module

Pebbles, Sand, and Silt demo Pebbles, Sand, and Silt demo

Pebbles, Sand, and Silt demo