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Posts for March 2003

Guest Contributors | March 21, 2003 | FOSS in Schools

Many years ago, the Friends of Trees in Portland, Oregon, planted hundreds of trees, including several in the neighborhood of the Duniway Elementary School. Now Jan Barkhurst's kindergarteners acknowledge the gift of trees from the Friends of Trees each year with a published booklet describing the life of one of the trees throughout the seasons. The booklets are just one of several technologically enhanced facets Jan has integrated into the FOSS Trees Module as part of an Intel®Teach to the Future class project.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 13, 2003 | FOSS International

In September Professor Lawrence Lowery was the honored guest lecturer during the week of Nanjing University's 100th Anniversary Celebration. The purpose for the lectures was to impart information concerning current research in the United States related to developmental/cognitive science and brain studies.

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Guest Contributors | March 13, 2003 | Language Development

"Constructivist" science teaching is no longer considered innovative. Still, constructivism resonates with many scientists and science educators. The idea that learning is an active process in which the learner constructs an understanding of the world by interacting with it and by solving problems in fact describes many aspects of scientific inquiry.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 11, 2003 | Professional Development

If you will for a moment, think back to when you first heard about FOSS. Perhaps FOSS modules were introduced to you by a colleague or lead teacher in your district or by a consultant for FOSS. Maybe you attended a FOSS session at a regional or national NSTA convention. Perhaps you used the video from your kit as you planned to teach the activities to your students, refreshing your memory of how the activities were planned and assessed. Remember the early conversations you had with other science teachers in your building or district, about the modules and how great they were to use.

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Guest Contributors | March 10, 2003 | FOSS and the Community

Getting the community involved in local schools is recommended in many education journals as a way to increase student success. It isn’t always easy, but it is truly amazing what happens when it works!

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 07, 2003 | Assessment

Prior to preparing the grant proposal, it was recognized that several independent forces were placing increasing demands on teachers and school systems to make use of assessment data to improve student achievement.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 03, 2003 | Program News

The FOSS Structures of Life Module for grades 3–4 ©2000 consists of four sequential investigations dealing with the observable characteristics of organisms.

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