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FOSS in China

FOSS Newsletter Staff
March 13, 2003 | FOSS International

Top image: Teachers investigate animals in the FOSS Animals Two By Two module.

In September Professor Lawrence Lowery was the honored guest lecturer during the week of Nanjing University's 100th Anniversary Celebration. The purpose for the lectures was to impart information concerning current research in the United States related to developmental/cognitive science and brain studies. Celebration ceremonies, which included dance, music, and gymnastic performances by former and current students, were held at Nanjing's new, very modern campus. Tens of thousands of people attended.

FOSS S&S chart in Chinese

This is the Chinese version of the FOSS Scope and Sequence chart.

Lowery invited a colleague, Lean LaRowe, to join him on the trip. Lean's background with FOSS is extensive, and she has experience implementing science curricula in the Far East. Following Lowery's lectures, Lean joined Lowery in involving the participants with hands-on experiences.

Larry Lowery and participants

Larry Lowery observes workshop participants engaged in hands-on experiences.

Because the People's Republic of China is currently strategizing its future in science education, some members of a National Committee for Reform in Science Education met with Lowery and attended his lectures. This committee was appointed to recommend and implement reform ideas throughout the country. During his presentations, Lowery used examples from FOSS to show what some research ideas might look like when applied. Impressed by the lectures and examples, the committee, which was in the process of examining various textbook and hands-on programs from other countries, made a proposal that could allow China to translate some FOSS modules and test them in various provinces.