Posts for March 2004

Guest Contributors | March 12, 2004 | FOSS in Schools

"I became aware of FOSS three years ago when I was still a teacher partner with TRSI and I taught K–1. TRSI loaned me the FOSS Balance and Motion Module (which is an awesome module!) and I was '!hooked!'"

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Judith Aguiar | March 03, 2004 | FOSS in Schools

In Fall River we know that students learn best when they are involved in real investigations and have a kit-based program.

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James A. Simione, et al | March 02, 2004 | FOSS in Schools

As the FOSS developers suggest, elementary students learn science best by doing science. The Pittsburgh Public Schools adopted this philosophy when they began their search for a successful approach to homework, based on the idea of doing science.

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Peter Rillero | March 01, 2004 | FOSS in Schools

On Fridays, the students in Mrs. Kim Cash's first-grade class are not excited because of the approaching weekend. They are excited because it is FOSS Friday.

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