Extension Activities for the FOSS Insects Module

Mary Humphrey
March 15, 2006 | FOSS in Schools

We received the following letter from Mary Humphrey, describing the art-related extensions she uses with her second-graders when she teaches the FOSS Insects Module.


Dear Sue,

I have taught second-grade FOSS for the past five years. Each year I get more excited about teaching the Insects Module. I thought your FOSS readers would benefit from these ideas.

The scooter bugs are made from small foam containers from fast-food restaurants. A hole, the size of a tennis ball, is cut into the bottom of the container. The container is decorated to look like an insect. When you put a tennis ball in the hole, you are ready for the scooter race.

In order to have the race, all of the students line up at a starting line in the gym. I count: one, two, three, SCOOT! The hooting, laughter, and fun begin. The fastest bug scooted over four meters. The class records the distance each scooter bug
travels. We then discuss and interpret the results.

Another fun project came about because of our study of ants. Students learned about the different jobs each ant has: worker, soldier, undertaker, etc. During language arts, students drew a picture of an ant doing an occupation in today’s society. The ant had to be dressed appropriately and have six legs.

One year, as a culminating activity, students studied photographs of insects and drew at least five insects on white paper. They cut around their insects and glued a small piece of cardboard on the back of each insect to give it a 3D effect.Then, on a large sheet of paper, students drew the environment for their insects. Some of the habitats were on land, some in water, and some in the air. They then glued the insects into the environments.

Mary Humphrey
St. Jerome Parish School
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
Grade 2