Posts for March 2007

Guest Contributors | March 15, 2007 | Professional Development

In 2003, Lake Washington School District reorganized to better serve the professional development needs of its teachers. This decentralized system resulted in a more responsive professional development structure that could efficiently deliver information and resources to teachers in the district. The new organization has been critically important to the successful implementation of FOSS in the district over the past three years.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 12, 2007 | Professional Development

What's it like to be a teacher new to the FOSS curriculum and living in a remote and rural area of southwest Washington state? How do you obtain staff development?

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Guest Contributors | March 03, 2007 | Science News

In the FOSS Populations and Ecosystems Course for middle school, students use Mono Lake, an important alkaline lake, as a simple ecosystem case study. They study the functional roles of populations to construct a food web.

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Sue Jagoda | March 03, 2007 | Science News

So, what happened to Pluto? Why was it "demoted" from being a full-fledged planet to the category of dwarf planet? Why do we now name only eight planets in the Solar System? And, why does it matter?

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