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Posts for March 2008

FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 17, 2008 | Assessment

When teachers first begin teaching FOSS, the learning curve can be a challenge. If teachers are making the change from a textbook to an activity-based curriculum, the first year is spent learning content, working out timing issues, preparing materials, and coming to grips with student and kit management. As teachers become comfortable with the mechanics of teaching FOSS, they may focus their creative energy on implementing science notebooks. Students use their science notebooks to record and organize data, define vocabulary words, and write conclusions drawn from investigations. By the third year of using FOSS, the logistics have been mastered, and teachers are ready to focus on student learning. That’s the point where assessment becomes an important part of the curriculum.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 14, 2008 | FOSS in Schools

Brad Edwards, a teacher at Rahway Middle School in Rahway, New Jersey, usually spends time during his summer working in his classroom, preparing for the next academic year. But during the summer of 2006, he was asked to stay away from the school during "asbestos removal." When he returned to Room 21 a week before classes began in September, he didn't recognize the classroom he had left in June.

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Guest Contributors | March 13, 2008 | Science News

Delta was recognized for its involvement in classrooms, college programs, and professional development opportunities and for having a large impact on science education specifically in the elementary classroom.

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Guest Contributors | March 07, 2008 | Science News

To aid state agencies, public safety officials, K–12 teachers and students, and other decision makers in viewing weather information in a timely fashion on their personal computers, the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) develops easy-to-use visualization software and provides it free of charge for non-commercial use. OCS’s most recent weather data display tool is called WeatherScope.

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Guest Contributors | March 03, 2008 | FOSS in Schools

As part of the FOSS Population and Ecosystems Course, students view a video about the work of Jane Goodall, Among the Wild Chimpanzees.

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