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The Resource Roundup

Kimi Hosoume, FOSS Author
March 02, 2017 | Miscellaneous

Dr. Lowery's legacy lives on through the many things he accomplished, including his many books for young readers.

How Does the Wind Blow? book cover

How Does the Wind Blow?

By Lawrence F. Lowery
Illustrated by Betty Fraser
NSTA Kids I Wonder Why Series, Arlington, VA, 2013.
ISBN 978-1-938946-13-4
Grades K–3
FOSS Trees and Weather, Air and Weather, Water and Climate

From air to breeze to gales and hurricanes, readers are guided to think about air and wind in all its forms. Beautifully detailed illustrations complement the narrative of the changing wind in our environment. Young explorers will observe how familiar things like trees, flags, kites, and umbrellas can show us how and where invisible wind blows. Through the story, readers are encouraged to go outdoors and feel the wind! Resources and activities including building an anemometer and a description of the Beaufort wind scale are included for further learning.

What Makes Different Sounds? book cover


What Makes Different Sounds?

By Lawrence F. Lowery
Illustrated by Susan Dolesch
NSTA Kids I Wonder Why Series, Arlington, VA, 2012.
ISBN 978-1-936959-44-0
Grades K–3
FOSS Sound and Light

Readers will join two young explorers as they listen to the sounds of their neighborhood.

What made that buzzing sound? It sounds loud! What else do you hear? Jane and Jim listen closely to sounds indoors and outdoors as they learn that something must vibrate to make a sound. A fun and engaging narrative encourages readers to describe the sounds they hear and figure out how they are made. Teachers will appreciate the additional activity suggestions to continue the explorations.