Posts for March 2000

Guest Contributors | March 09, 2000 | FOSS in Schools

As a FOSS consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with the Kenosha Unified School District on its recent science adoption. Their adoption included primarily FOSS units. The district managed a very smooth transition to its new hands-on science curriculum with careful planning and anticipation of challenges by the district's administrators and lead teachers.

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Kathy Long | March 06, 2000 | Assessment

"Let assessment be my guide? I don't think so!" you may be saying to yourself. But what you're probably imagining are those standardized tests we subject our students to on a yearly basis. When we talk about assessment in the FOSS 2000© edition for grades three through six, we're talking about something completely different. We're talking about an assessment system that gives you diagnostic information throughout the module. The new assessment system provides a window for you to see more deeply into each student's thinking as well as for you to reflect on your own teaching.

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Guest Contributors | March 01, 2000 | Literacy

If you're interested in finding a professional development model that has used FOSS to make changes in literacy performance, Fresno, CA is the place to go. The Fresno Unified School District has made giant strides toward using science to bring context to language arts. How did this happen? The right group of people was brought together—a supportive administration, a crew of dedicated (and downright inspired and stubborn) teachers-on-special-assignment, and a group of master teachers.

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