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Posts for March 2001

Kathy Long | March 07, 2001 | Assessment

"We disagree with the wording of question number four on the end-of-module assessment: Which of these is ALWAYS true about inventions? We disagree with the word ALWAYS, especially in capital letters."

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Guest Contributors | March 05, 2001 | Literacy

Early literacy development focuses on "cracking the code" of written language. Students learn how to decode words, automatically recognize "sight words," use a variety of strategies for comprehension, and practice reading aloud to develop fluency. Students also learn the written conventions of language, coordinate visual motor skills, and organize thoughts into meaningful sentences. Learning to read and write is a daunting task indeed!

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 01, 2001 | Earth Science

The shadow points on these two shadwo trackers were collected at Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, California, on the same day at the same times. One varibable was different in the orientation of the sun trackers. What was that variable? Why are the points different?

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