Posts for September 1998

Larry Malone | September 17, 1998 | FOSS International

We (Larry Lowery, Linda De Lucchi, and Larry Malone) were going to Japan in July because that's when the Japan Society for Science Education (JSSE) was having its 22nd annual meeting, and they were inviting us to present FOSS.

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Guest Contributors | September 16, 1998 | FOSS in Schools

The following letter came to FOSS trainer and consultant, Leigh Agler, from Teresa Auldridge, a fourth-grade teacher in Salem, Virginia.

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Guest Contributors | September 15, 1998 | Materials Management

After one year as coordinator of the elementary science materials with the reality of having to do more with less, I knew our team needed help. The FOSS boxes purchased in 1993 were beginning to show wear, so the first step was to move from cardboard to plastic boxes which could be locked. The search and purchasing happened in the spring semester while the transfers occurred during the summer.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | September 08, 1998 | Live Organisms

The following question was forwarded to the FOSS staff at the Lawrence Hall of Science by Susan Hardy, a FOSS Regional Sales Manager.

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Larry Malone | September 03, 1998 | Observations by Larry

Late last year I got one of those letters (e-mail actually) I cherish so much. It came right to the point and took the Crayfish Activity in Structures of Life to task.

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