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Posts for September 1999

Guest Contributors | September 10, 1999 | FOSS Program

Much of FOSS's success can be attributed to forward-looking educators who support a curriculum that emphasizes rigorous science standards while at the same time engaging students in motivating, interesting, investigative experiences. FOSS was based on the premise that teaching content only was never enough: True learning rests on the transfer of learning, the retention of concepts, and a sense of achievement on the part of learners.

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | September 09, 1999 | Science and the Community

This photo collage shows just some of the many people who have contributed to the success of FOSS over the past ten years. Some have participated in development, others in training, and others in implementing FOSS in their classrooms.

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Elizabeth D. Holley | September 01, 1999 | FOSS in Schools

With the close of the Black Box investigation drawing near, a teacher-led discussion of black boxes in real life was held. The question, "If a real black box were found, how could someone determine what was in it?" was posed.

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