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Postcards from the Rim

Sue Jagoda
September 08, 2000 | FOSS Outdoors

On June 26, 2000, 27 educators from all over the United States (Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma) began their week-long FOSS Earth History adventure on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The workshop was a cooperative effort between FOSS and the National Park Service at Grand Canyon. The participants hiked Grand Canyon trails, engaged in FOSS Earth History classroom investigations, heard from Grand Canyon National Park staff, spent time in the computer lab, and toured the Colorado Plateau just outside of the park boundaries. These "postcards" give just a glimpse into the week's activities.

June 26, 2000

Grand Canyon

Photo by Randy Redard


I arrived at the Albright Training Center apartments at Grand Canyon yesterday. Started the FOSS Earth History workshop this morning at the Albright Training Center. We met Jacob Fillion, the Grand Canyon Environmental Education Specialist, who helped Sue Jagoda from FOSS put the workshop together. The Park Superintendent, Robert Arnberger, also welcomed us. This afternoon we took our first hike along the South Rim. I got my first look at the Grand Canyon. All I have to say is, "Wow!" It's better than the pictures.

More later,

June 27, 2000

View from Hermit Trail

Photo by Sue Jagoda

Hi again!

This morning we took our first hike below the Rim. We trekked down the Hermit Trail to see the fossils in the Kaibab Formation. Then we went further down to look for the reptile and insect tracks in the Coconino Formation. We didn't get our first view of the Canyon until we came around a bend after the Kaibab fossils. It's different every time you see it. Tomorrow we tackle the South Kaibab Trail! This afternoon we're in the classroom to explore more of the FOSS Earth History course.


June 28, 2000

South Kaibab Trail

Photo by Terry Shaw

Greetings from Grand Canyon!

Enormous proportions and colorful scenery! I won't forget that. Jim Heywood, one of the park rangers, emphasized those ideas when he led the hike down the South Kaibab Trail today. We left at 7 a.m. to avoid the hot afternoon hours and walked 1.5 miles down to Cedar Ridge. Some more incredible views as we passed through the Kaibab, Toroweap, and Coconino layers. My students won't believe I did this! Tonight we're all invited to an art opening and reception at Kolb Studio.

I'll sleep well tonight!

June 29, 2000

Petrified wood

Photo by Terry Shaw


Day 4 is over. The bus tour outside of the park today was great! Dennis Reason from Amfac led the trip. We visited a petrified forest, saw some ripple marks in rock layers turned on edge, examined some dinosaur tracks, and encountered an amazing new canyon on the Colorado Plateau. It's called Coal Mine Canyon. The rocks are younger than those at Grand Canyon. Terry Shaw, the other workshop presenter, challenged us to figure out why the coal looked burnt. The Navajo Tacos we had for lunch in Tuba City were delicious.


June 30, 2000


Photo by Barbara Novelli


Hard to believe this is the last day of the FOSS workshop. We spent the day in class working on plans for using FOSS Earth History when we get back to our students. Everyone shared their plans in the afternoon. They had so many good ideas. It was a great week, between exploring Grand Canyon, getting involved with FOSS, and interacting with the folks from all over the U.S. AND the fire restrictions have been lifted, so we get to have our farewell BBQ at Shoshone Point tonight!

See you soon!

Group photo

From the collection of Phil Browne

Back Row: Mark Thompson (CA), Jean McGaw (CA), Jim Duffy (MN), Keith Worman (NJ), Tarren Shaw (OK), Sharlene Kleine (OK), Terry Shaw (OK), Norma Binder (NM), Gary Zahn (MN), John Delmonico (CO), Randy Redard (DE)

Middle Row: Sheila Dunston (NY), Kristin Moorhead (AZ), Michelle Cambier (NY), Debbie Powell (OK), Lisé Simpson (OK), Doris Tso (AZ), Sandy Wolford (DE), Deloria Chapo (NM), Katie Ivanoff (NC), Tonia Fuller (NC), Elizabeth Cotter (NM [now MA])

Front Row: Sue Jagoda (CA), Nancy Jones (CA), Vicki Russell (OK), Barbara Novelli (CA), Kenneth Holyan (NM), Roger Peacock (AZ)

Stretched out in front: Phil Browne (NH)